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Design Thinking in Berlin


With Design Thinking, we bring organizations close to their users and systematically place them at the center of a new way of thinking. In this way, separate problem and solution spaces are first opened by heterogeneous user representatives and then closed again by user validations - confirming, discarding or iterating.

What is
Design Thinking?

Design thinking is a methodologically diverse approach used to develop new ideas and solve problems. What is special about it is that the innovations and ideas are developed from the perspective of the customers and users in order to solve their concrete pain points.

The ideas and solutions developed are brought to life as quickly as possible in the form of prototypes and tested and discussed with the help of user testing in order to obtain practical feedback for the further development of the MVPs.

What is the purpose of Design Thinking?

Design thinking focuses on customers and users, whose perspectives are included in all relevant development steps. This reduces the risk that products, services or processes do not meet customer needs and expectations.

The goal is to sustainably increase satisfaction not only with the product itself, but also with the entire company, thereby building strong customer loyalty.

Design Thinking Persona

How do we use
Design Thinking?

The design thinking approach is not a holistic process that has to be run through completely. Depending on the situation and the task at hand, we integrate the appropriate methods, such as customer journeys or personas, and work on these together with the teams.

For us, teamwork is a central element in the design thinking process - especially the incorporation of individual talents and qualifications as well as mutual learning. This change in mindset also has a lasting positive influence on the team and corporate culture.



André Doerfer