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Innovation Management


By building up comprehensive management competencies, we intend to develop a guiding principle that corresponds to the digital strategy developed in each case. In doing so, we focus on the methodically efficient execution of innovation projects and the effective allocation of resources.

Throughout the process, we ensure the preservation of available knowledge and work out the measurable increase of the overall innovation performance.

What is
Innovation Management?

Innovation management is also undergoing change. The focus is increasingly being placed on the analysis of trends and technologies as well as existing and/or as yet unknown customer needs.

Innovation management comprises a systematic development of ideas and concepts and an (agile) management applied for this purpose, including controlling of innovation projects.

Why is innovation management important?

Digitization necessitates the development of various innovations, such as digital product developments or process and service innovations. Existing business models are being further developed into digital business models or completely relaunched.

What do we focus on when it comes to innovation management?

Especially for the development of digital products, but also for the implementation of new services, customer centricity is the focus of innovation management. By using design thinking methods and/or design sprints, innovations can be developed quickly and efficiently and the prototypes can then be tested by potential customers and users.

We accompany the teams methodically as facilitators and coaches, for example within the stage-gate-process and support the creation of the prototypes with our UX team - remotely or on-site.



André Doerfer