In digitizing, we focus on people.

Software created in teams.

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Business & Innovation

From the digitization of business models to agile collaboration - we help your organization design strategy, structures and processes to unleash its full innovation potential.

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Software Development

From VR prototypes to market-ready AI applications, from mobile to desktop - we plan and develop customized digital solutions for every need, quickly and at the highest level of quality.

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Product Design

From the first idea to the validated design - we support your design process in all phases through intensive research, creative concepts and a strong user orientation, so that in the end you have the perfect user experience.

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Team Coaching

From conflict to team spirit - our experienced coaches help to strengthen your team from the inside out so that it is intrinsically motivated to perform at its best as a whole.

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Team YoDi - EQ and IQ

We are professionals for digital innovations as well as for people - technical expertise, empathy and fun drive us to peak performance together.

Product Owner
Agile Coaches
UX Researcher & Designer
Software Architects & Developers
Scrum Master
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Our 3T philosophy


Digitization needs people. That's why we ensure that key aspects such as trust, motivation and team spirit are also developed in teams in a targeted manner.

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Digitization needs suitable technologies. That's why we develop our tech stack and combine it with proven approaches to create the best digital product: efficient, robust and future-proof.


Digitization requires efficient work organization. Therefore, we teach teams modern agile methods such as Design Sprint, Lean UX, Scrum, Kanban, Growth Hacking and develop them further together with them.

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