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In Design Sprints, heterogeneous teams come together for a few days to develop an appropriate problem solution fit after identifying the problem. The solution is then validated as a prototype with users.

We accompany the teams as facilitators and coaches during the Design Sprint and during the creation of the prototype with our UX team - remotely or on-site.

What is a
Design Sprint?

In a design sprint, a heterogeneous team comes together for four to five days to work together and focus on solutions to a specific problem, develop ideas and validate them asdirectly with users.

The team goes through a methodically coordinated design sprint process, at the end of which a prototype is created, such as a click dummy or mockup, which is tested on the last day with five users in individual interviews.

The Design Sprint enables the teams to work out solutions in a very focused and creative way and to concentrate only on this specific task within this time.

Why is a
Design Sprint important?

A Design Sprint is an absolutely inspiring workshop format and a suitable method for any size of company - whether startup or DAX corporation.

The Design Sprint method is ideal for new developments, complex tasks and large projects. In addition to the development of innovations, scopes and features, the teams and the collaboration of the individual members are strengthened: A workshop of four to five days with intensive and focused collaboration lifts the team to a new level and brings great results and a lot of fun.

Design Sprint Workshop

How do we run a
design sprints?

We accompany the teams methodically as Design Sprint facilitators and coaches and support them with our UX team during the creation of the prototype - remotely or on site.

Important for us is a relaxed and concentrated atmosphere, which we gladly support with motivating music during the individual methods.



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