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User Research

UX designer doing a user research workshop
Qualitative and quantitative tracking of your users needs


Through scientifically based methods of observation and analysis, we capture the key needs that a target group feels in relation to specific products as part of user research.

What is
user research?

The core idea behind user research is to better understand users and their needs and to use the insights gained to develop a product that is better accepted and used by users. The core purpose of each user research phase is to validate hypotheses directly with end users and to further refine our understanding of users.

In this way, it is possible to determine at the beginning of a product development whether the product idea corresponds to the ideas of the target group and whether an investment in the development makes sense at all.

product researcher interviewing users

Why is user research important?

Unfortunately, products are still often developed without the end users in mind and are only created on the basis of unvalidated assumptions or ideas. The result is often a product that does not solve any real problems and is simply not used by the intended target group.

It is therefore important to place the end customer at the center of development from the very beginning and to shape the product around the customer's needs. We thus always see user research as a central component of every product development.

How do we go about
user research?

There are a variety of qualitative and quantitative approaches to user research, which can be adapted depending on the product and stage of development. Our services range from various workshop formats that enhance elementary user understanding to user interviews and focus groups.



Leon Ehrenberg