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Software Development

Web Development

Web developers at Young Digitals in their Berlin office


Our specialists for frontend, backend or full-stack development engineer customized digital solutions, from the MVP to the high-performance end product in the form of websites, apps, tools and more. We work with the latest technologies such as machine learning and cloud computing.

What is
web development?

Web development today no longer means just designing static websites with HTML and CSS and hosting them on a web server. The spectrum of technology surrounding the space of web development has expanded greatly and continues to evolve.

Complex architectures, responsive design, micro services, fast content delivery, intelligent and scalable systems, cybersecurity, and rapidly changing JavaScript frameworks are just some of the building blocks that make up modern web development.

Why is
web development important?

In principle, every application running on a server somewhere today can be classified as web development. This illustrates the range of this field and its relevance for all companies that want to meet the challenge of digital transformation or shape it themselves.

Our experienced frontend, backend and DevOps engineers support companies with their individual challenges and can provide selective assistance to existing teams or execute new software projects from conception to production.

Software engineer coding in React

How do we implement
web development in projects?

We develop solutions based on customer needs to create the perfect system for every requirement. From the easy-to-use content management system to complex web applications with machine learning, cloud computing or WebVR. At the beginning, we collect requirements, analyze the environment and, under certain circumstances, assess special restrictions. For example, if SEO plays a major role, we adapt the selection of the framework to this circumstance. We also take into account whether we should adapt frameworks and programming languages to existing technology stacks in companies or pave new ground for forward-looking technologies as a so-called "greenfield project".

For us, software development always means development in Germany. This not only guarantees a consistently high standard that meets every requirement. We also guarantee developers with strong communication skills and the ability to think for themselves, who can demonstrate their abilities to our customers throughout Europe (remotely or on-site).

Areas in which we have already been able to build up a wide range of expertise include

• React / NextJS, Gatsby, VueJS
• Node / Express, Spring Boot, Symfony und Laravel
• KI-gestützte WebApps und Machine Learning
• Animationen, WebVR und Augmented Reality
• Progressive Web Apps (PWA)
• Google Cloud Platform und Firebase



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