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Software Development

IT Consulting


From our many years of experience in software development, we know about the pitfalls of complex projects. That is why we reliably support our customers with know-how and implementation expertise in the development of a comprehensive digital strategy, the elaboration of a sensible software architecture and the integration of robust frameworks. In addition, we promote the composition of cross-functional teams.

What is
IT consulting?

With an IT consulting mandate, we support companies in digitization and innovation projects on a consulting and technical level. Depending on the degree of digitization of our customers, we build up fundamental know-how around IT and development or expand departments with individual expertise.

Why is IT consulting

In times of digitization and globalization, it is of enormous importance for companies today to have their finger on the pulse of the times in IT matters - and in the best case scenario, to always be one step ahead of the others. Those who fall behind in the race of digital change and allow valuable know-how to migrate will quickly lose touch and, in the worst case, drift into irrelevance.

With our IT experts, we help to build up valuable knowledge in-house and anchor it there.

What does IT consulting
at YoDi involve?

No two companies are alike. Accordingly, our consulting mandates are individually adapted to the needs of our customers and their IT landscape. The scope of our consulting ranges from the establishment of our own cross-functional developer teams to the conception and introduction of new software architectures.



Leon Ehrenberg