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Product Management - Product Owner in Berlin


We establish coordinating and communicative as well as analytical and conceptual activities to maximize the intersection of business value, technology and customer value. Innovation ideas are iteratively guided through the phases of product vision and strategy, experimental user-centric 'discovery', output-focused 'delivery' and learning operation.

What is
product management?

Product management encompasses the planning, control and optimization of products and/or services along the entire product life cycle - from conception to market maturity to market exit.

Here, the product manager fulfills a central interface function between marketing, sales, and development.

Product manager in Berlin

What is the purpose of product management?

The interface function of product management aims to collect internal and external product requirements, coordinate or establish priorities, and ensure the coordination of product-related measures, such as marketing, reporting, and service training.

How do we promote
your product management?

Both for existing products and for the development of new products, the focus is on customer centricity. By using design thinking methods, new product features can be developed quickly and efficiently and tested with potential customers and users using prototypes.

Depending on the focus, we also provide support in product analysis, product concept and product optimization - agile or classic.



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