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Organizational Development

In a team and with stability for more digital radiance.


We analyze the 'digital radiance' of strategies as well as the performance of structures and roles, processes and methods, technologies and tools.
Together, we plan measures and then implement them - especially to strengthen team visions and missions, corporate cultures, collaboration models and behaviors.

What is
organizational development?

Organizational development encompasses the consideration of various social factors in the implementation of systematic change in a company - it therefore concerns the change process of a corporate culture.

In particular, this refers to the increased involvement of teams and employees (employer centricity).

Why is
organizational development important?

Digitalization and the associated faster innovation cycles also mean that companies are constantly changing and evolving. Freedom and scope for decision-making are particularly helpful in promoting innovation and the innovative capabilities of teams - for example, through agile management.

Organizational development ensures that companies transform themselves from the inside out in order to be able to perform and compete in the long term.

Organizational development in Berlin

How do we promote
organizational development?

It always starts with the development of a vision that creates agreement on the transformation goal among those involved. The most important component of the implementation phase, in addition to involving the employees, is the realization of the vision in the company's day-to-day operations.

By using agile methods, immediate and sustainable improvements can be achieved in collaboration. These include, for example, Kanban boards and visualizations, standups, retrospectives, team culture workshops and/or the establishment of cross-functional teams.



André Doerfer